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First day of work! And look! I got a key thing to open the door. You know things are real when your key isn’t even in the shape of a key! So fun! Maybe I’ll tell you more about it later.

Dorkily yours,



Well, one of has to be from the United States, and I guess it’ll be me. I know we’re all excitedly waiting for Sarah’s next post about beautiful French people, landscape, and food, but surprise!

So, all of us happen to be in a stage in our lives where we having a lot of Lasts & Firsts, at least for a while. Today was my last day working on-site for my internship, tomorrow will be my first day working for my new job. Crazy. And that’s only one of them!

Usually I’m pretty good at babbling on and on, but now I don’t even know where to begin. Everything just feels different. I’m in Denver. I’m single. I’m working several jobs. I’m not in school. Once Carissa leaves, I won’t know anyone. Crazy.

Maybe I should start with my three new jobs. Yes, three.

The LoDo District: I’m working here an intern, unpaid, but still super happy that I’m doing it. It’s such a cool part of Denver and they have a lot of events so I’m sure I’ll get to mingle with a bunch of new people here. I’ve already been working on a fun project for some of their winter events, but today they asked me to design their brochure for their district! Ok, I know that doesn’t sound exciting for you lay-people, but the project is pretty much what every design student hopes their employer will assignment. They want a creative brochure where I’ll get to do pretty much whatever I want (they showed me some examples of ones they liked, and I liked them too—that almost never happens). Design something great for a place that’s great? Awesome! Ok, to put this in perspective, they requested that it have a wrap-around band that seals the brochure. If that doesn’t make you drool, then you have a icy heart. I mean, it’s not the band itself, it’s the implication that yes, Jacklynn, you really can do neat things and we’ll make the printer do it instead of you having to painstakingly carve out “die-cut” letters with an X-Acto knife at 2am.  What’s more, they’re going to use it! People are going to see it! It’s going to be in stations and tourist hot-spots…ok sorry. None of you care about this.

Ok, for the next two I’m not going to name names because they’re both fairly new companies and one I can’t breech confidentiality about.

“FNP”: I think this is a kind of an interesting one. So “FNP” makes super healthy foods (without chemicals, preservatives, natural ingredients, etc) and they are a fairly new company. People can purchase a restaurant/franchise in various locations and there is one going up in Denver. But, we are also starting up the first commercial production of the food here in Denver and that’s who I’m working for. I think it’s really exciting to work an upcoming business. Right now they are maintaining the same brand identity, but in the future—who knows!

“BWB”:  So I am so excited and nervous for this job. Gosh, this whole summer I have been really discouraged because I was always like I know I could do this if you would just give me a chance and I really feel like they are. Actually, that they legitimately have faith in me, which is even better! It’s different because I don’t know exactly what I’m going to be doing for them, but from what we’ve discussed it kind of sounds like I’ll be using all of my skills & interests. Isn’t that neat? I’m not just going to be stuck in front of Adobe Illustrator moving vectors back and forth, but communicating, writing, brainstorming, being a tech-geek, design, working with new media, researching….doesn’t that sound fun? Gosh, and it sounds like I’ll get to meet a lot of people too. Turn on the charm.

Ok, how did this happen? How do I always talk so much? (I’ve been writing this on-and-off for a few hours, to be fair). Anyway, what I have to say is that I’m becoming even more optimistic about the future. Sure, all my favorite people are going to be an ocean away from me, but I’m also so ready to put my heart into these things I’m passionate about. I mean, you all know I adored school, but there is a difference between loving to learn and loving to do and let’s see if I’ve got what it takes! Also, I really just like Colorado. It’s just pretty everywhere. I was drove to the post office and there was this road that just overlooked a whole neighborhood and it was just quaint as spit!  You don’t have overlooks in Nebraska.

Think about your Lasts & Firsts and relish them. Things are happening.

Your very own babbling brook,

Ladies!  We are remiss that Bob wasn’t here, but we’re all learning how to blog. Hope Sarah has the loveliest trip xoxo!


Katie, Sarah, Carissa, and Jacklynn

We done learnt.

-Sarah & Katie

I’ve known for quite a while that I’ll be going to China but it’s only now as things come down to the wire that I’m really allowing myself to get excited by it.  Thinking of meals shared with friends via giant Lazy Susans and being crammed into a karaoke parlor room to partake of snacks and pop songs fills me with a unique kind of happiness.

I can’t wait to meet not only native Chinese but also people from around the world who have been attracted to the city of Shanghai.  The big city provides a great backdrop for mingling with those who have a variety of perspectives and interests. I’m especially excited to take classes about China in the actual country.  I expect that I’ll learn plenty of new things and gain a better understanding of how the Chinese view themselves. During the upcoming months I’m also hoping to learn somethings about myself as I prepare to go to graduate school and plan a direction for my future.

I also know that things won’t always go my way, certainly not at the beginning of my journey when miscommunication and confusion abound.  I also know  how great it is to work hard and overcome those problems with the understanding that my knowledge of the language and cultures has increased by even the smallest inkling.

– Carissa

So you’ve all agreed to start this blog with me as we all go off to our different places. Some of your mentioned that you were interested in starting a blog anyway and I anxiously waiting hearing about them, and then I got the idea in my head to do a joint blog after talking with Sarah. And then I thought it would be perfect for us to a correspondence blog when I saw this, which I think is pretty neat. As a dorky new media person and semi-tech geek, I am just completely prepared to dive right into trying new things. I am also so interested with the private-public nature of the internet where both everyone and no one audience. We’re revealing private parts of our lives and thoughts to a public that might not even exist…oh, internet, you so crazy!

But I’m rambling. Here are my thoughts on this low-obligation adventure blog:

We use this blog to stay in touch. A forum where we can be ourselves, however that might manifest itself. It might be a lengthy post detailing what we’re doing in France, our classes in China, a play we watched in England, food we ate in Spain, or it could be a simple as a little doodle on a napkin because, I thought you’d like it.

I wish you all the very best and am so glad I’ve fooled you all into being my friend.

Most sincerely,