So you’ve all agreed to start this blog with me as we all go off to our different places. Some of your mentioned that you were interested in starting a blog anyway and I anxiously waiting hearing about them, and then I got the idea in my head to do a joint blog after talking with Sarah. And then I thought it would be perfect for us to a correspondence blog when I saw this, which I think is pretty neat. As a dorky new media person and semi-tech geek, I am just completely prepared to dive right into trying new things. I am also so interested with the private-public nature of the internet where both everyone and no one audience. We’re revealing private parts of our lives and thoughts to a public that might not even exist…oh, internet, you so crazy!

But I’m rambling. Here are my thoughts on this low-obligation adventure blog:

We use this blog to stay in touch. A forum where we can be ourselves, however that might manifest itself. It might be a lengthy post detailing what we’re doing in France, our classes in China, a play we watched in England, food we ate in Spain, or it could be a simple as a little doodle on a napkin because, I thought you’d like it.

I wish you all the very best and am so glad I’ve fooled you all into being my friend.

Most sincerely,