Alright, I am going to attempt to do this. Warning friends…I am an awful speller and I usually have a lot of typos so bear with me and enjoy all my silly flaws : ) Ok. Last night was my official for real this time last night in Laramie. I really liked it. It was low key and low fuss. I said adios to some professors that I adore, went to Jefferies with my Anne, did some theatre thing. and then ended it at front street with those boys and ofcourse Kim : ) You guys I didn’t even cry! Not once did I even have to supress tears and try to keep them from creepin’ out. For some reason everything about it was perfect. I even saw Peter! At Front Street we held a funeral/wake for me. And all those peeps wrote me death notes on napkins that I will not read until I am on a plane. It was stupid and wonderful.

Laramie gets a lot of negative crap said about it, but I love it. I love everything about my four years that I spent there. Laramie has provided me with some of the most wonderful friends and I feel immensly grateful. I could  not have asked for a better experience or for better people to have shared it with. I know I am prone to overdosing things with sentiment, but not this. I really can’t stress how much everyone here means to me and how thankful I am. Oh man, three days.