I just had a really interesting and very physically taxing experience. So I attempted to walk to the city centre here which is the main part of the city where all the happening happenings are happening. I prepared myself and I thought was pretty thoroughly. I went onto google maps, got directions, wrote them down even, and…I still got lost. It was supposed to be a forty minute walk there and I got lost for like two hours : / That wasn’t really that big of deal, but it was kind of scary. There were some men in a white van who tried to talk to me. After two hours I some how managed to find my way back to my house. What am I doing here you guys?!?! I am not sure about the area I am in. I hope its safe. It was kind of scary though! Maybe a naive Wyoming whimp though, very possible. This is all very overwhelming and I have no grounding at all. Granted it is only day two, so hopefully things will get better as I become more and more familiar, but as of right now I have no clue what I am doing with my life…

I love you guys and miss you. I need to keep a positive attitude. I am having a second attempt this afternoon so hopefully it goes better, wish me luck!

Holy moly,