Ok, I’m taking a break from some of my freelance stuff to post. I really think I have too many jobs, especially if I ever want to have a social life, which—-hey, guys, I do!

First: Sarah, Katie, Carissa–I loved your posts. This is getting real! Like, don’t you think this is really working?! I kind of love that we’re all going through the same stuff, even if the stuff is kind of bad right now.

Second: “On being bold”

So, I’ve already recounted this tale to Katie via Skype (by the way, Sarah, you need to accept my friend request!!), but I am pretty sure I made friends with some pretty awesome people.

On Saturday, Tour de Fat  was coming to Denver and I knew I should go. The Laramie boys went last weekend when it was in Ft. Collins, but I had to go to that work party (where I met an un-enthusastic new friend). I needed to say that I did something this weekend and I know that I need to meet people, stuck in suburbia or not. I had told people I was going, had to go.


I woke up on Saturday and I did not want to go. Meeting new people? Hatred. Being alone? Hatred. Drinking? I’m just not that great at it. So I kind of lingered around and the clock kept ticking along (the parade launched at 10am). I hemmed and hawed, did some Charlie Brown kicks, but finally was like, just go. So I took my giant Canon 20D as a security blanket (that way, if I am alone people would think I was a photographer or a reporter).


I went, I made an honest effort of being excited, observing people. Taking pictures. Making the rounds. But I just cannot justify my breaking into a group and being like “hey, be my friend” so I always wait until I see someone alone. This can be a long wait.

What’s this? Boy standing under a tree listening to the band? Is he with lady and baby carriage couple? (does he see me looking at him). Should I approach? No, I think he sees me being weird.

Ok, so not great. I turned around and he had vanquished. No, he was holding the babies. Wait, no that wasn’t even him. What was he wearing again? I walked over to the spot—it definitely wasn’t him holding the child. Shucks: there he was, facing two girls pointedly not facing the band (and therefore, facing him). He must be with them.

I had given up hope when, a few minutes later I saw the two ladies walking off together not chaperoned by the boy. With as much uncouth as someone can muster, I approached him but he did not seem to see me. I kind of stood in his vicinity until he noticed me and waved (which I’m pretty sure I should trademark).

“Are you alone?”

He said, with a chuckle, yes he was. Would he mind if I joined him? He patted the grass next to him and said he’d love that. As it turned out, we were both new, lonely, and had an internal battle that morning to force ourselves to go to this event. So pretty much: best friends.

He was actually set up on a “blind date” with this girl from his class’ husband who would be meeting him in thirty minutes. I mean, I could go on, but pretty much, we all hit it off. I ended up spending the whole day with them, and then we went back to husband’s (“Matthew”) house and we spent all night together. I’m pretty sure boy (“Matt”) and I would have spent the night there if I didn’t have a Susan to make sure wasn’t worried about me. Crazy right? It’s crazy. Like I didn’t even realize how crazy it was that we had ended up hanging out together for nearly 12 hours until Wife pointed out: “Hey, do you need a ride home? My husband kind of abducted you and you’re probably like ‘what did I get myself into?!'”

I was not worried about that. Maybe I should be. Maybe I shouldn’t get into cars with two boys and that I’ve just met. But one is married and one is gay. I was in a safe place.




Gosh. Here we go. Let’s try this being social stuff.

I need a better pick-up line first though. We joked about my spotting his loneliness all night.

Reporting from the Americas,

Ps. HAVE AN AWESOME FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL, CARISSA!!! We are all so proud of you!!