I had a really fun night last night! You guys I think, I am hoping, keeping my fingers crossed, that I have met some friends. There is this girl named Emily who is from the UK and she is an acting student in the other MA program. She has been so incredibly nice to me. I went out with her and her roommate last night (he goes by Frosty, which I love). We went to this theatre party called The Quiz. Two of the guys made up these questions and conducted a quiz and then gave out prizes at the end. It was really fun and silly. Although, I was pretty awful at the questions because a lot of them were about English pop culture and things that I was just oblivious to. However, I did know that Socrates was the Athenian philospher who was murdered in 322bc or something like that ( thank you Lou Anne and theatre history…helping me make friends!) After The Quiz we went back to Emily and Frosty’s house where they were shocked and horrified that I had not had a cup of English tea and a biscut since I’ve been here, and so we decided that we needed to have some at midnight. We talked about theatre like things, and I felt remarkably at home. Also, the tea, I have to admit was some of the best I’ve had…good cookies too : )

You guys my room is a disaster. I still have yet to unpack so my two huge suitcases are opened lying on the floor with all their contents thrown about. Its not ok. Ive been trying to go and get hangers so I can actually unpack but its proven to be quite challenging! First off, shopping in itself is more challenging. I can only buy what I can carry on my person. Not that novel of a idea really, but for me it is. I am not used to having to think about that. Second, I just can’t seem to find any gosh darn hangers! So I am sad to admit what I have done. I went online to a store called Asda and ordered some. Seemingly innocent right? Wrong. Asda is owned by Walmart and is exactly like a Walmart. It was just way too convenient because they deliver! Which was my main incentive, because I am still kind of scared to go out by myself. It is so huge out there and I haven’t really figured out the bus system yet. That all would be fine and I would be willing to do trial and errors except for the fact that I am not in a safe area to be getting lost.

Some of the people were telling me about the dangers of our neighborhood. Apparently this one time a couple of students were walking and got chased by a mob of 20 just for kicks. And there are muggings. They don’t use guns here, so the way they do it is they have a knife, they pop out at you, knick you with the knife, and then take your stuff. This will be good for me though. I need me some urban living (at least that is what I am telling myself) In reality, I may die. Oh well, at least I had some English tea and biscuits…

Hugs and kisses (which everyone here does all the time! actual hugs and kisses for every salutation)