Things are looking’ up. I have a new friend her name is Olivia and she is from Ireland. She’s a keeper. We went exploring today. We walked into the city together and I did not get lost ladies! Granted I was with Olivia and she seems to have a much better grasp on geography than I do. First plus, Katie now knows how to walk to the city centre (very important). Second plus, Katie now knows which bus to take to the city centre AND (hold on wait for it, thats right…) Katie also now knows which bus to take to get home! Astounding progress if I do say so myself. I also figured out how to get to school which is in the city centre. So now I can function. I am starting to feel less and less overwhelmed. Holy crap guys, my school is crazy. It is located in this huge building that looks straight out of the Jetsons cartoon. The facilities are incredible. It got me really excited to start working! While Olivia and i were downtown we also discovered some theatre venues. There seems to be a galore of theatre going on and that makes me so happy. I think I might be in the right place guys. I was starting to get worried that maybe I wasn’t, so this is all a good sign. Hopefully things keep going up hill. Is that correct expression to use? I don’t think so, but its staying. And now tomorrow I am off to France for the first time!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!

Love from Katie