My lovely ladies, I am alive and well. I apologize for not having been very active on here (translation–not active at all). The past few weeks of my life have been a marvelous and crazy dream, and it’s taken me awhile to get accustomed.

Reading your various blog posts brought me such joy. I am so proud to be friends with such witty, compassionate, and brave women. Truly, you are all amazing. Thanks for filling me in on your lives.

I posted comments on many of the posts, so I hope that you can all learn a little about my experience from there and see what I have to say about yours. Also, if any of you are bored (and you’ll need to be quite bored, as my penchant for verbosity has not been squelched in Spain, meaning my posts are behemoth), check out the blog that I’m writing for my family back home. If nothing else, there are a few photos of me there and my beautiful Spanish apartment:

I will be brief and tell you that I am having the time of my life. There have been really minor frustrations, like realizing that I spend hours of every day on a metro that smells like body odor and having to endure horribly bureaucratic processes to gain legitimacy and other things, but most of it has been amazing beyond my wildest dreams. Spain is a country of miracles. Every day I still stop and think, “oh my lord almighty, this is my life, and I am so damn lucky to be living it.” I’m much happier and less angsty here than I was in Laramie, and I apologize that you were all dealing with the “I’m sick of Laramie, my heart is broken and throbbing, and I lack direction” Bob. He’s shedding layers and much more pleasant to be around now. He really needed a new challenge, a break, a scene change, a clean slate, and something unnamable that Spain has to offer. I’m very happy here.

I love my job so much, and I really think I will try to stay somewhere in a professional field that mixes writing, teaching, and social activism (professorship? Still to be seen…). Is anyone else preparing for and or worried about the future? I know that I need to be applying for graduate school in the next 2 months if I’m going to come home to something other than a job at Sweet Melissa’s (love it though I do), and I’d love advice or would just love to know what the rest of you are planning. In terms of friends, I was really lucky in that I already knew some Spaniards, and I stayed up until 7:30 in the morning today at a party with one of them (totally common in Spain–you eat breakfast, take an aspirin, and pray that your hangover is manageable when you wake up to start your day at 3:00 PM). I also made friends with fellow Fulbrighters and such, so I’ve felt social and happy. I live a European life–I buy fresh bread, fruit, and whatever I feel like at the market that is on the plaza where I live, I cook it in lots of olive oil, and then I take a nap and look out from my balcony. I’m the luckiest man alive.

One day, as I was walking up so many stairs from a really low-in-the-ground metro station, I just could envision beautiful Jacklynn hiking it up the metro stairs in London, and an enormous smile came across my face. I miss you all and can’t wait to see you. Is Thanksgiving in France still a possibility for my Europe gals?

All of my love and admiration,