To my peeps,

I miss you all like an American in England misses her bestest peeps. What’s new with me you ask? Alright, if you insist. I went to France to see Sarah (who you may know, she is a fellow participant in this blog). That was rad. Not rad like a fad, but rad like a real attractive lad. I met her wonderful and beautiful new friends, who fully embraced me and took me in. Lovely ladies, truly. We did some time at the beach. We were in France, the beach was empty so we did what we do sometimes and got a little nude. I consumed more cheese then I have consumed in my life and as a result had some digestive issues, but don’t worry Sarah provided me with some Actiivia so matters were taken care of. Food? Good. Wine? Good. Spendin’ time with my Sarah? The best. It ended up being just absolutely perfect and made coming back to Birmingham feel much more home like.

Some how in the last couple days I have gotten myself insanely busy! Everyone on my course is here now, so Ive met all these people who I have been friends with on Facebook for a couple months in real life and some of them I even living with. My house is officially full. There are 8 of us, 7 Americans and 1 British dude who is hilarious. And I find the situation to be funny too. I really feel like I am on the Real World right now. We are all complete strangers and I love it. So far so good. Everyone seems so nice and so enthusiastic. I feel like I have met so many people as of lately and I’m starting to find some regular friends. Olivia the Irish lass, Emily the British Rose, Jack the British man who is stuck with a bunch of Americans. And then of course I have just met all the Americans who will be on my course as well as some of the others. There’s one girl named Catherine from North Carolina and she is so freakin’ funny. I’ve always considered myself a quirky and outlandish person but she puts me to shame. Last night we went grocery shopping to make dinner together and we were a disgustingly, obnoxiously apparent pair of Americans. Oh! Shoot actually she’s ringing my door bell! I gotta go! I will finish later. My  love!