First things first i will not be captalizing my i(s) at the moment. The location of the shift button on this keyboard is really throwing me off and i dont have the patience to teach myself right now, so bear with me. Next please forgive me for the subject matter of this post. I dont blame you guys if you find it to be extremely dull, but i just had a lightbulb moment and i feel like bouncing some ideas around and this seemed like a good outlet to do so you lucky ducklings. So it turns out i am in a masters program and i have to do that whole disertation buisness meaining i need something to do a disertation on. I have the option of making part of it performance based and i think i will opt do that! All of this has sort of been weighing me down in the back of mind but today i think i may have come with a potential topic to explore. I really like the idea of devising my own piece while manipulating some classical text. Me being the feminist that I am have decided that maybe I want to focus on Shakespeares women. There always seems to be a discussion on how Shakespeare portrayls his women. Some of the women are weak and pathetic, but then you have your Lady MacBeths as well. However, alot of them end up dead regardless of whether or not they are a pathetic Ophelia or a feisty sexual Cleopatra. This is all just coming to me so i havent flushed it out but i thought it might be interesting to create a piece using 2 or 3 female characters (im not sure which ones yet) who all have very opposing innate charateristics and personalities and yet they all have the same outcome. I would use Shakespeares text and alternate between characters exploring their experience, finding an arch to their story, and a common factor that leads to their demise. The obvious reason being a man. Stupid? I mean the topic itself is really not all that orginal but the point would be to see what discoveries can be made from these different perspectives via one performance. I am thinking i would want there to be a man on stage with me who I can interact with, who moves, effects me, instigates action, but doesnt have any text himself. He would almost be a magnet that promts everything my characters do. It could be representational of how their universes revolve around the given man in their lives, and potentially the fact that he does not speak could be representational of how he gets into their heads, perhaps provokes insanity. I dont know im just brainstorming. I dont know what my actual question/thesis would be. Maybe exploring if a strong femal actually does exist in Shakespeare? I dont know. What do you guys think? Does this sound silly? Trite? Im sorry! You guys totally dont have to discuss scholastic junk with me. If nothing else it just felt nice to write out some ideas and begin to think about this massive project in my near future. I hope things are well! Yo Sarah, side note! One of my professors is 100 percent French.

Much love lovelies,