I’m hesitant to post my number 18, but to be fair most of my posts have been short because 1) I’m in America and you guys know what that’s all about 2) I pretty much tell you guys everything.

I mean, I could tell you how the food here is so different (mainly consisting of Susan’s diet food) and the unique culture here (the traditional garb of the land is athletic clothing and a smug look). But, you’ll just have to use your imagination.

So anyway, I’m going to tell you everything. Don’t hold your breath. (This post will definitely detour people of the regular public)

First of all, I’m pretty sure you guys only have a vague idea of what I do besides take pictures of myself in my tiny office on photobooth and posting them on here every now and then. So, at my full-time job my official title is Creative Community Lead  and as I attempt to describe to people passing through the building: I manage the company’s social media, marketing, communication, and design work. I also support the company by helping them source new talent and a develop/refine company programs. Basically, I do what I naturally do anyway and they give me a multitude of random, different projects which I slavishly devote myself too. I really like it. It’s challenging, fun, and there’s a lot of variety.

So, if you wanted to know what working in the working-worky-work world is like, here goes: I wake up and get ready for work and it takes me a monstrously long time not because of anyone thing, but because I’m so ponderous in the morning–It doesn’t actually take me that long to get ready, even if I dress up, even if I curl my hair. I just linger a lot. Something you fashionistas would appreciate is that I get to dress up every single day. Not in business clothes, but in whatever I want, and you know that it’s never casual because that’s not my deal. It’s fun. I’ve worked their for two months and haven’t worn the same outfit twice yet. Which actually might be a little disgusting to lay persons.

Anyway, so I commute to work around 8:15 because any earlier and traffic would be horrible. I’ve tried. I arrive around 9am and see if Mustard is still alive. Get set up, have a 15 minute meeting (daily “stand up” according to “SCRUM” managerial style) and pitter off to work on the little projects I’ve been assigned. At 10:30 I am usually starving, but I maintain until it’s  appropriate to eat at noon. At which time I pad upstairs to the kitchen area to eat and work some more. I force myself to go upstairs in order to meet other people and it’s working. Except now I’ve decided to use my lunch break to do work for other companies I’m freelancing for.

>> Since last I spoke in detail, I described my three new, Colorado jobs. Let me tell you right now that those aren’t my only jobs and that I have recently aquired even more freelance work. To date, in addition to this full-time job, I am also a design consultant for four other companies and a graphic design intern for the LoDo District. Straws are piling on camel’s backs, Carissa, needles too.

After lunch, the day goes by much faster. Possibly because I’m not desperately waiting for lunch. So I finish of the day. Trudge home. Eat diet meals with Susan. And either work some more or be incredibly unproductive whiling away the hours in front of my computer. Even though I always have the best intentions to go to bed early, I usually don’t and only get 6-5 hours of sleep.

Since I’m usually too exhausted during the week and also because I only have the smallest puddle of friends, I usually only do things on the weekend.

That that’s “Oh the places I go” and now here’s “and the people you’ll meet”:

Matt. I adore him. You know the one I’m talking about? The strikingly handsome fellow I met at Tour de Fat? Afraid of whales? We share a certain sense of humor and I think he’s trying to adopt me as his little protégé. He claims that he use to be exactly like me two years ago (nervous, perfectionist, stressed, push-over, hyper over-achiever…) and that I can reform! Like many people I admire, I am terribly frightened that he’ll realize how much cooler he is than me and drop me like a hot potato. But he has tentatively agreed to be my roommate when his lease is up in February so I kind of think he’s stuck with me.

Matt. In disguise.

Kyle. I met Kyle and his friend Hugh on one of my arranged blind friend-dates. I had a good feeling about Kyle because, while trying to arrange a meet-up, we exchanged a bunch of messages where it was clear that he was interesting and smart enough to be witty. As in, we could actually tell obscurely-referenced-jokes to each other. (I’m sure he’d be chagrined to read this…). Anyway, it’s really nice to talk to Kyle because he’s actually my age and is actually going through the strange limbo that I’m going through. The post-graduation-what’s-happening-where-did-everyone-go? phase. The day we all met up we went out to eat at a Thai place, went to an odd event at the Denver’s modern art museum, and capped off the evening by going to party where we all felt distinctly out-of-place. I feel like Kyle gets me.

Kyle & Hugh

Matthew & Crystal. The adorable couple. This is the other Matt I met at Tour de Fat and his lovely wife. They are both great fun to hang out with, especially with the more exciting Matt as a buffer. Funny, energetic, and interesting. Unlike many other couples you meet: great together, great individually.

Matthew & Crystal

The people at work. I’ve met a myriad of people at work that I admire deeply. I work in a building that is rented out by different companies so that we can all kind of work together in a creative community. All of the companies in the building are extremely unique and cool—-many very successful start-ups. They mostly center around action sports, if not directly, at the very least all of the employees of the company happen to have been born on snowboard with skis for arms. Or something similar. I don’t think I’ve really connected with anyone in the same, effortless (“effortless”) manner that I have with people I’ve met outside of work. They are all super nice and I would love to be their friend, but I also feel like they don’t know what to do with me. Kind of like Sarah at Applebee’s. If everyone at Applebee’s was into action sports and being cool. I really feel like the people at work are the essence of Colorado: Kind, generous, wildly cool, social, chill, and athletic. I love Colorado, I really do. I feel like I understand Colorado and am super excited for the day I get my dorky license plate. But I don’t think Colorado gets me. I’m ok with it though, it’ll just take some time on both sides. I think they are all astoundingly wonderful, ambitious people I feel privileged to work with.

And one thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve hardly met anyone my own age. I felt a lot of internal pressure to graduate on time, but since graduating late is really the norm now, I’m kind of in the world looking around and no one else like me is here. I don’t know how to feel about that. On the one hand, I don’t feel like I have time to act like a college kid anymore. On the other hand, I didn’t have time when I was actually in college so: BRING IT ON. I want to go on adventures! I want people to call me up out of the blue and say likes go to X and do Y right now! I want you guys! I’m going to try to take adventure into my own hands, by I miss having my go-to friends for a great time.

This embarrassing, but hilarious photo of me being sad.

But the world’s gotta know what you have to give :). Have the best of times out there!

ok ok ok, I’m done. Guess how many words!? 1429. That’s an essay, yo.