Dear ladies,

I’m sending you all my love from Spain here in this post. Sarah, I’m really worried about you. I don’t know if I have your e-mail address, but if you send it to me, I’ll send you more personalized love. For now, just know that you’re going to be okay, that you are a wonderful person just the way you are, and that any guy who doesn’t know he wants to be with you doesn’t deserve you anyway. It’s really, really true. My heart is with you. How can I help?

Oh. *Sigh* Jacklynn, I miss you. I didn’t realize what a pleasure it was to see you almost every day in Chaucer and in other random places. You have always treated me so well. Thank you for everything from your food to your friendship. You’re so beautiful.

I miss you all. Katie, thanks for always listening so well to me and for making my heart leap with joy. Carissa, thank you for listening to me with a smile and for being an example of how to be a beautiful, poised, perfect person. What amazing ladies you all are.

Everything is really good here. I just feel overwhelmed. I feel like there is too much in life. How do you go about picking what you want? This is not a grave problem. It’s actually a really cool problem to have. Life is too good. It’s too rich. There are too many cool fields of study, too many great jobs, too many brilliant and inspirational people. How does a 22-year-old go about picking?

Right now I either want to be a personal trainer, an organic gardener, a historian, a linguist, or an entrepreneur. So I think I’ve got things pretty slimmed down, don’t you think? Bleh. I feel like in 57 lifetimes I still couldn’t do and see all I want to do and see. Does anyone else have this problem?

I miss you all.