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I don’t think anyone looks at this anymore, I know I haven’t for months. I feel this need though to write, to just type. Making my own blog seems like too much effort, and I like the idea (even if it is just an illusion) that I am directing these words to specific people. So hi, friends.

I keep having those, “my life is surreal” type of moments. The last couple of  months have been so strange. This by far has been the biggest change/adventure yet. I moved to Brooklyn alone. I ‘ve been living with two strangers, and I don’t think I have ever been this alone or subjected to such drastic change ever before (haha subjected makes it sound like I had no say in this, Katie this was your doing). Post school life is peculiar. It feels far more foreign to me than living in a foreign country felt. I went though a bout of sadness, feeling lonely here, but that’s faded and now I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the time that I have had thus far with just me. Everyone should do this. I feel so aware of what makes me happy, what I want, and what I am going to do to get it. I feel incredibly independent and more importantly capable. I feel so appreciative of the amazing people in my life who I am able to count as friends. Things are about to change again. I will have an apartment with two friends who know me very well, and I’m sure our time will be filled with an agenda full of theatre, silliness, and new people. I am very much looking forward to it, and I am already longing for and romanticizing my time of solitude in a city full of people.

I don’t know if I will write again. I hope I feel compelled to, I hope I don’t forget.

I think I’m going to see you guys in a couple of days, and I am sure you will indulge me by having this conversation in person with me. Thank you in advance : )









First things first i will not be captalizing my i(s) at the moment. The location of the shift button on this keyboard is really throwing me off and i dont have the patience to teach myself right now, so bear with me. Next please forgive me for the subject matter of this post. I dont blame you guys if you find it to be extremely dull, but i just had a lightbulb moment and i feel like bouncing some ideas around and this seemed like a good outlet to do so you lucky ducklings. So it turns out i am in a masters program and i have to do that whole disertation buisness meaining i need something to do a disertation on. I have the option of making part of it performance based and i think i will opt do that! All of this has sort of been weighing me down in the back of mind but today i think i may have come with a potential topic to explore. I really like the idea of devising my own piece while manipulating some classical text. Me being the feminist that I am have decided that maybe I want to focus on Shakespeares women. There always seems to be a discussion on how Shakespeare portrayls his women. Some of the women are weak and pathetic, but then you have your Lady MacBeths as well. However, alot of them end up dead regardless of whether or not they are a pathetic Ophelia or a feisty sexual Cleopatra. This is all just coming to me so i havent flushed it out but i thought it might be interesting to create a piece using 2 or 3 female characters (im not sure which ones yet) who all have very opposing innate charateristics and personalities and yet they all have the same outcome. I would use Shakespeares text and alternate between characters exploring their experience, finding an arch to their story, and a common factor that leads to their demise. The obvious reason being a man. Stupid? I mean the topic itself is really not all that orginal but the point would be to see what discoveries can be made from these different perspectives via one performance. I am thinking i would want there to be a man on stage with me who I can interact with, who moves, effects me, instigates action, but doesnt have any text himself. He would almost be a magnet that promts everything my characters do. It could be representational of how their universes revolve around the given man in their lives, and potentially the fact that he does not speak could be representational of how he gets into their heads, perhaps provokes insanity. I dont know im just brainstorming. I dont know what my actual question/thesis would be. Maybe exploring if a strong femal actually does exist in Shakespeare? I dont know. What do you guys think? Does this sound silly? Trite? Im sorry! You guys totally dont have to discuss scholastic junk with me. If nothing else it just felt nice to write out some ideas and begin to think about this massive project in my near future. I hope things are well! Yo Sarah, side note! One of my professors is 100 percent French.

Much love lovelies,

To my peeps,

I miss you all like an American in England misses her bestest peeps. What’s new with me you ask? Alright, if you insist. I went to France to see Sarah (who you may know, she is a fellow participant in this blog). That was rad. Not rad like a fad, but rad like a real attractive lad. I met her wonderful and beautiful new friends, who fully embraced me and took me in. Lovely ladies, truly. We did some time at the beach. We were in France, the beach was empty so we did what we do sometimes and got a little nude. I consumed more cheese then I have consumed in my life and as a result had some digestive issues, but don’t worry Sarah provided me with some Actiivia so matters were taken care of. Food? Good. Wine? Good. Spendin’ time with my Sarah? The best. It ended up being just absolutely perfect and made coming back to Birmingham feel much more home like.

Some how in the last couple days I have gotten myself insanely busy! Everyone on my course is here now, so Ive met all these people who I have been friends with on Facebook for a couple months in real life and some of them I even living with. My house is officially full. There are 8 of us, 7 Americans and 1 British dude who is hilarious. And I find the situation to be funny too. I really feel like I am on the Real World right now. We are all complete strangers and I love it. So far so good. Everyone seems so nice and so enthusiastic. I feel like I have met so many people as of lately and I’m starting to find some regular friends. Olivia the Irish lass, Emily the British Rose, Jack the British man who is stuck with a bunch of Americans. And then of course I have just met all the Americans who will be on my course as well as some of the others. There’s one girl named Catherine from North Carolina and she is so freakin’ funny. I’ve always considered myself a quirky and outlandish person but she puts me to shame. Last night we went grocery shopping to make dinner together and we were a disgustingly, obnoxiously apparent pair of Americans. Oh! Shoot actually she’s ringing my door bell! I gotta go! I will finish later. My  love!

Things are looking’ up. I have a new friend her name is Olivia and she is from Ireland. She’s a keeper. We went exploring today. We walked into the city together and I did not get lost ladies! Granted I was with Olivia and she seems to have a much better grasp on geography than I do. First plus, Katie now knows how to walk to the city centre (very important). Second plus, Katie now knows which bus to take to the city centre AND (hold on wait for it, thats right…) Katie also now knows which bus to take to get home! Astounding progress if I do say so myself. I also figured out how to get to school which is in the city centre. So now I can function. I am starting to feel less and less overwhelmed. Holy crap guys, my school is crazy. It is located in this huge building that looks straight out of the Jetsons cartoon. The facilities are incredible. It got me really excited to start working! While Olivia and i were downtown we also discovered some theatre venues. There seems to be a galore of theatre going on and that makes me so happy. I think I might be in the right place guys. I was starting to get worried that maybe I wasn’t, so this is all a good sign. Hopefully things keep going up hill. Is that correct expression to use? I don’t think so, but its staying. And now tomorrow I am off to France for the first time!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!

Love from Katie

I had a really fun night last night! You guys I think, I am hoping, keeping my fingers crossed, that I have met some friends. There is this girl named Emily who is from the UK and she is an acting student in the other MA program. She has been so incredibly nice to me. I went out with her and her roommate last night (he goes by Frosty, which I love). We went to this theatre party called The Quiz. Two of the guys made up these questions and conducted a quiz and then gave out prizes at the end. It was really fun and silly. Although, I was pretty awful at the questions because a lot of them were about English pop culture and things that I was just oblivious to. However, I did know that Socrates was the Athenian philospher who was murdered in 322bc or something like that ( thank you Lou Anne and theatre history…helping me make friends!) After The Quiz we went back to Emily and Frosty’s house where they were shocked and horrified that I had not had a cup of English tea and a biscut since I’ve been here, and so we decided that we needed to have some at midnight. We talked about theatre like things, and I felt remarkably at home. Also, the tea, I have to admit was some of the best I’ve had…good cookies too : )

You guys my room is a disaster. I still have yet to unpack so my two huge suitcases are opened lying on the floor with all their contents thrown about. Its not ok. Ive been trying to go and get hangers so I can actually unpack but its proven to be quite challenging! First off, shopping in itself is more challenging. I can only buy what I can carry on my person. Not that novel of a idea really, but for me it is. I am not used to having to think about that. Second, I just can’t seem to find any gosh darn hangers! So I am sad to admit what I have done. I went online to a store called Asda and ordered some. Seemingly innocent right? Wrong. Asda is owned by Walmart and is exactly like a Walmart. It was just way too convenient because they deliver! Which was my main incentive, because I am still kind of scared to go out by myself. It is so huge out there and I haven’t really figured out the bus system yet. That all would be fine and I would be willing to do trial and errors except for the fact that I am not in a safe area to be getting lost.

Some of the people were telling me about the dangers of our neighborhood. Apparently this one time a couple of students were walking and got chased by a mob of 20 just for kicks. And there are muggings. They don’t use guns here, so the way they do it is they have a knife, they pop out at you, knick you with the knife, and then take your stuff. This will be good for me though. I need me some urban living (at least that is what I am telling myself) In reality, I may die. Oh well, at least I had some English tea and biscuits…

Hugs and kisses (which everyone here does all the time! actual hugs and kisses for every salutation)


I just had a really interesting and very physically taxing experience. So I attempted to walk to the city centre here which is the main part of the city where all the happening happenings are happening. I prepared myself and I thought was pretty thoroughly. I went onto google maps, got directions, wrote them down even, and…I still got lost. It was supposed to be a forty minute walk there and I got lost for like two hours : / That wasn’t really that big of deal, but it was kind of scary. There were some men in a white van who tried to talk to me. After two hours I some how managed to find my way back to my house. What am I doing here you guys?!?! I am not sure about the area I am in. I hope its safe. It was kind of scary though! Maybe a naive Wyoming whimp though, very possible. This is all very overwhelming and I have no grounding at all. Granted it is only day two, so hopefully things will get better as I become more and more familiar, but as of right now I have no clue what I am doing with my life…

I love you guys and miss you. I need to keep a positive attitude. I am having a second attempt this afternoon so hopefully it goes better, wish me luck!

Holy moly,


I think I did the comment thing wrong too. Check the comment section on the page where you add a new post. Sarah I wrote you a really lengthly weird thing and Carissa I’m worried about your well being. Shoot, sorry I suck at this you guys! Give me some days and I will figure it out. Love you all with all my molecules!

Alright, I am going to attempt to do this. Warning friends…I am an awful speller and I usually have a lot of typos so bear with me and enjoy all my silly flaws : ) Ok. Last night was my official for real this time last night in Laramie. I really liked it. It was low key and low fuss. I said adios to some professors that I adore, went to Jefferies with my Anne, did some theatre thing. and then ended it at front street with those boys and ofcourse Kim : ) You guys I didn’t even cry! Not once did I even have to supress tears and try to keep them from creepin’ out. For some reason everything about it was perfect. I even saw Peter! At Front Street we held a funeral/wake for me. And all those peeps wrote me death notes on napkins that I will not read until I am on a plane. It was stupid and wonderful.

Laramie gets a lot of negative crap said about it, but I love it. I love everything about my four years that I spent there. Laramie has provided me with some of the most wonderful friends and I feel immensly grateful. I could  not have asked for a better experience or for better people to have shared it with. I know I am prone to overdosing things with sentiment, but not this. I really can’t stress how much everyone here means to me and how thankful I am. Oh man, three days.