Or the internet bar.  For some reason none of the students are able to log onto their wireless internet accounts on campus and they’ve been scraping to log on however they can. Whether through some other mysterious student account that’s been handed around or by heading to the dark, smoky, and doubtfully hygenic recesses of the local internet bar.  Forgive me, my fellow adventurers, whenever I’ve been able to log on before I was either too superstitious or too racked for time to get some thing good out. 

I can tell you now that in the span of time before classes have started I am pretty lonely.  I have a double room to myself that allows me plenty of room for the regrettable amount of clothes that I brought with me.  My dorm room is inside what is essentially a long-term hotel with many vacancies allowing those inside to pass without really running into each other.  Whenever I see  a foreigner on the street I want to call out to them and I can barely resist the urge to try and chit-chat with the desperately busy clerks in stores.

Hopefully by the time classes start I can make friends without having soaked too long in what I’m sure is perceptible desperateness.

Singularly Yours,


P.S.  At the risk of placing things out of order I have typed up something earlier that I’ll post once my wireless is up and running.  I think that maintaining it’s sincerity and spontaneity will be worth it.